Tickets for Behavior

Wow, it’s been a while since I have posted.  Sorry it’s been so long.  I start a ticket system with my students on the first day of school.  Each student starts off with five tickets in a baggie.  As the students earn tickets for good behavior they keep them in their baggies.  At the end of the week the students would trade tickets in to go to the treasure box.  The students were getting bored with the items in the treasure box, so I thought up and found some ideas online to bruce up the ticket trading process.  The biggest change I made was for the students that were making bad decisions.  I started having them pay me a ticket from their ticket bag.  This visual helped most of the students make better choices.  Every Friday the students traded their tickets in on coupons if they were ready to make a trade.  I called the students up one table at a time to trade in their tickets.

I created a poster using brite pockets and glued a coupon to the front so the students could

see their choices.  I gave the students two choices for each amount of tickets.

For five tickets the students can trade for candy coupon or  silly hat or socks coupon.  For ten tickets the choice is  fluffy friend coupon or  treasure box coupon.  Fifteen tickets is calendar helper coupon or  slippers coupon.  Twenty tickets is  music coupon or  Line leader coupon.  For twenty-five tickets  free art coupon or marker coupon.  Thirty tickets is  computer coupon or pencil sharpener coupon.  For thirty-five tickets  library coupon or  sit by a friend coupon.  For forty tickets  read to kinder coupon or show and tell coupon.  Forty-five tickets free choice coupon or  extra recess coupon.  For fifty tickets no shoes coupon or sonic slush coupon.  I skipped to Seventy-Five tickets  special place coupon or  teachers helper coupon.  Then, the last choice is 100 tickets teacher desk coupon or  lunch date coupon.  Enjoy!!!


Word Wall Chants

For years I have had some word wall chants in my school binder.  I either wasn’t sure how to do the chant or forgot they were there.  This year I wanted to spice up our review of the word wall words.  I started searching the web for word wall chants and found an abundance of information to add to the cheers I already had.  I also found a cute idea of putting the cheers on popsicle sticks.  I typed up all the cheers and explanations then cut them out and modge podged them to a popsicle stick.  After they dried, I put them in a Crystal Light container (the best containers around!!!!)  Here are the chants…..word wall cheers on sticks Happy chanting!